RUKUN Resort Facilities

RUKUN Senior Living is complemented by a range of facilities to your comfort and lifestyle.

Pandawa Restaurant

The restaurant is open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving a menu of Indonesian, Western, and Asian favorites. for special events, banquet and buffet service is also available. The main dining room capacity is 80 guests and a private dining room accommodates 10 guests.

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Pandawa Bistro

The bistro café serves a variety of breads, snacks, deserts, and a selection of coffee and other beverages. The bistro accommodates 40 guests.

Game Room

RUKUN’s residents have many spaces in which to enjoy activities including the multi-purpose Game Room, as a space for an assortment of game playing and other activities.

Activity Room

This multi-purpose function space is equipped with home theater components for movie watching, karaoke, and other activities.

Art & Craft Room

A dedicated space for arts and craft projects such as painting, paper crafts, and other art works.

Fitness Room

Indoor exercise areas, including a mirrored fitness space and gym section.

Swimming Pool

Enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool with a view of the lake. With a flat floor at 135 cm water height, the pool is ideal for swimming and any type of water exercise.

Fishing Pond, Gazebos, and Walking Path

A fishing lake provides beauty and activity for those who enjoy fishing. Relax in one of the floating gazebos or take a stroll on the walking path surrounding the lake.

Fitnes Room

In addition to all the activity facilities available, also important is a ballroom that provides the perfect venue for all forms of parties and celebrations, from birthdays and reunions to weddings and anniversaries.


This room is equipped with modern and spacious facilities for big events such as birthday parties, weddings, and other gatherings. With an elegant atmosphere and the support of a professional team, you can guarantee that your event will run smoothly and satisfactorily.

Physiotherapy Clinic

Enjoy the best Physiotherapy Clinic services for the elderly. With a well-trained and qualified team, we help maintain your health and mobility.

Physio Wellness Gym

Experience the benefits of Physio Wellness Gym services specially designed for seniors. There are various choices of sports and training programs that can be adapted to all physical conditions.

RUKUN's resort also offers Guest Suites to accommodate family, friends, and other guests.

Darmawan Park Facilities

With its location within Darmawan Park, RUKUN residents and family members can easily access a full range of facilities for three-generations of activity to cater to joyous occasions with family and friends. Facilities include Ole! Suites Hotel & Cottage, Alun-alun & Conference Center, and outdoor activity areas. To learn more, visit www.darmawanpark.com or contact (021) 8795 0137.

Sentul City Facilities

In addition to all the facilities at RUKUN Senior Living and Darmawan Park, a whole lot more can be found in Sentul City within 10 minutes drive including EMC Sentul hospital, shopping mall, Jungleland Adventure Park, golf courses, and much more.


RUKUN Senior Living

Kawasan Darmawan Park

Jl. Babakan Madang No. 99

Sentul – Bogor 16810

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