Senior-Friendly Hotel, RUKUN Senior Living Resort Offers the Best Option for Seniors

Senior-Friendly Hotel, RUKUN Senior Living Resort Offers the Best Option for Seniors

Seniors who live alone or with family members sometimes need a senior-friendly hotel solution when unable to stay alone at home. This need may arise due to the following situations or conditions:

  • Seniors who live with family members that usually accompany them may be left home alone for a certain period, for example if the family members must go out of town. The senior or family members may feel worried if the senior is home all alone for a few days.
  • Seniors who live in their own home may have domestic helpers who go on leave, leaving no one to accompany the senior at home.
  • Seniors who may have just been discharged from the hospital may require additional care or attention on the way to 100% recovery.

In addition to the above reasons, RUKUN also offers the ideal location for leisure or events for senior guests:

  • Out of town senior tourists, whether alone or in a group, who need accommodation during their trip may wish to stay at a hotels that understands and can support all their needs and preferences.
  • Events of groups aged 50+, for example: religious activities like senior pesantren or church retreats, company/organizational events like retirement planning seminars, other group events like women’s get together, or reunior events for groups with members over 50+.

The Advantage of RUKUN Senior Living Resort – Senior-Friendly Hotel

What are the advantages of a senior-friendly hotel in serving the needs of seniors? Here are a few features of RUKUN Senior Living Resort that make it the best option for seniors:

  • RUKUN Resort is designed and built from the beginning to serve seniors, with the proper choice of materials, building design, bedrooms, and bathrooms that pay attention to the mobility needs and comfort of seniors.
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms are equipped with emergency call system to call for help in an emergency 24 hours a day.
  • The organization, facility, and quality of service follows the hotel star standard that focuses on customer satisfaction.
  • Service includes housekeeping, laundry, food and beverage.
  • Wellness services is available to support a senior’s wellness, complete with caregiving staff, nurse, doctor, and physiotherapy.
  • Activity programs and facilities to optimize a senior’s quality of life everyday..
  • Located in a serene area with a complete range of facilities including restaurant, game room, art room, swimming pool, fishing lake, walking path, gazebo, garden and many more.
  • A range of facilities to support any event and activity, including: ballroom, audio-visual equipment, banquet catering, decoration, activity organizer, and entertainment.

Facilities and Services of a Senior-Friendly Hotel

With facilities and services that have been designed to meet the needs of seniors, RUKUN offers a good choice for seniors needing a short or long term accommodation solution. RUKUN offers the ultimate flexibility to consumers by offering daily, monthly, and yearly rates.

Aside from serving as a senior-friendly hotel, RUKUN also offers residential facilities for seniors from those with an independent and synamic lifestyle to those requiring higher level of support. With the Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) concept, a full range of integrated services are available to support each phase of a seniors life.

About RUKUN Senior Living

We believe that happiness and comfort are the keys to a person’s quality of life. So, RUKUN Senior Living has offered a range of residential facilities and services for seniors to support all their needs – from seniors with an independent and dynamic lifestyle to those who need assistance with daily activities. 

The range of service options available provide flexibility to adjust to a senior’s needs. For seniors who prefer to live on their own or with family members, there is: 

  • RUKUN Senior Club
    for independent seniors to participate in a full day schedule of activities. 
  • Dementia Day Program
    for senior with dementia to participate in a series of activities and interactions designed to optimize their day. Available at Darmawan Park, Sentul dan Dementia Support Center, Cipete.
  • RUKUN Home Care for seniors who need profesional caregiving in the home (Service the JaBoDeTaBek area).

Those interested in residing at RUKUN Senior Living, Sentul, can enjoy a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offering a range of residential options and integrated services as a solution for each phase of a senior’s life:

  • The Villas offering the option of ownership of a private, modern, and functional villa for seniors with a dynamic and independent lifestyle. Live worry-free with the complete range of available optional facilities and services.
  • RUKUN Senior Living Resort
    with complete facilities and a range of supporting services including Activity, wellness monitoring, food and beverage, housekeeping dan
    laundry, and Assisted Living services. The complete facilities include:
    Activity Room, Game Room, Art Room, Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Fishing Lake, Jogging Path, and Gazebos.
  • RUKUN Senior Care
    offering an intimate facility and services for seniors needing Dementia Support and Nursing Care. Includes activity program, 24-hour wellness staff and doctor on staff.
Phone: 021 8795 1525

Senior-Friendly Hotel, RUKUN Senior Living Resort Offers the Best Option for Seniors

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