Senior Clubs – The Effort to Keep Seniors Active and Productive

Senior Clubs – The Effort to Keep Seniors Active and Productive

The recent few years has seen the appearance of facilities serving as senior activity centers in the form of senior clubs. The mindset of a segment of society that senior citizens are no longer productive has begun to shift. Although their span of activity may not be as wide as it used to be, seniors have life experience and wisdom that is valuable to their surroundings. In addition, seniors can still have an important role in leveraging their past experiences. To that end, it’s necessary to maintain the senior’s mindset as well to encourage them to remain active and productive.

Senior Club Benefits

Senior clubs provide a forum for seniors to have the opportunity to be active and productive, for example:

  • Participating in activities that stimulate the mind and brain function
  • Interaction and socialization with friends
  • Guidance on maintaining healthy lifestyles
  • Avoiding stress by engaging in fun activities
  • Exercising physical fitness and appropriate motor functions.

A few activities to optimally train brain function are also beneficial to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Examples include crossword puzzles, board games like Chess, learning something new, and also arts and craft work.

Activities and a busy routine sparks the motivation to maintain a healthy, happy, independent, and purposeful life. By gathering often, maintaining a sense of humor, and sharing a laugh with friends, seniors can preserve a healthy, youthful and exciting life. At a senior club seniors can engage in positive activities, reminisce together, share, and discuss issues to maintain a sharp mind.

Participating in a senior club allows a senior to remain active and have the opportunity to engage in a range of activities like fitness, games, music, dance, cooking, arts and crafts, and much more. All this helps the senior stave of boredom and loneliness.

RUKUN Senior Living in Sentul offers a senior club where seniors can gather and engage in activities together. Seniors living in the Sentul-Bogor and surrounding area can join RUKUN Senior Club without needing to reside at RUKUN Senior Living. Senior can experience fun filled days with the range of engaging activities like cooking, games, arts and crafts, karaoke, dance, learning forums, field trips, and much more. Senior club members also receive general wellness monitoring and can enjoy the available facilities.

RUKUN Senior Living
Phone: 021 8795 1525

About RUKUN Senior Living

We believe that happiness and comfort are the keys to a person’s quality of life. So, RUKUN Senior Living has offered a range of residential facilities and services for seniors to support all their needs – from seniors with an independent and dynamic lifestyle to those who need assistance with daily activities. 

The range of service options available provide flexibility to adjust to a senior’s needs. For seniors who prefer to live on their own or with family members, there is: 

  • RUKUN Senior Club
    for independent seniors to participate in a full day schedule of activities. 
  • Dementia Day Program
    for senior with dementia to participate in a series of activities and interactions designed to optimize their day. Available at Darmawan Park, Sentul dan Dementia Support Center, Cipete.
  • RUKUN Home Care for seniors who need profesional caregiving in the home (Service the JaBoDeTaBek area).

Those interested in residing at RUKUN Senior Living, Sentul, can enjoy a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offering a range of residential options and integrated services as a solution for each phase of a senior’s life:

  • The Villas offering the option of ownership of a private, modern, and functional villa for seniors with a dynamic and independent lifestyle. Live worry-free with the complete range of available optional facilities and services.
  • RUKUN Senior Living Resort
    with complete facilities and a range of supporting services including Activity, wellness monitoring, food and beverage, housekeeping dan
    laundry, and Assisted Living services. The complete facilities include:
    Activity Room, Game Room, Art Room, Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Fishing Lake, Jogging Path, and Gazebos.
  • RUKUN Senior Care
    offering an intimate facility and services for seniors needing Dementia Support and Nursing Care. Includes activity program, 24-hour wellness staff and doctor on staff.
Senior Clubs – The Effort to Keep Seniors Active and Productive

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