life at rukun

Life at RUKUN

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RUKUN offers a range of facilities in one integrated Continuing Care Retirement Community. This allows residents and families to easily adjust the services they receive based on ongoing lifestyle changes.

A fun and active life is the main objective at RUKUN, and is based on four Dimensions of Wellness:

Social Wellness

Community life provides the opportunity for fellowship and enjoyment with like-minded friends. A range of activities are conducted to facilitate togetherness, including line dance, Saturday live music, field trips and movie nights.

Physical Wellness

Opportunities to maintain and improve physical fitness include exercise programs both in and out of the water, therapy services, motor skill activities, as well as caregiver and doctor support.

Mental Wellness

Engaging activities and facilities support memory and cognitive ability. Skill development opportunities include arts and crafts, games, discussion forums, computer classes, and other learning activities.

Spiritual Wellness

Residents of every religion have the opportunity to worship at RUKUN. Transportation services are available to those who wish to attend services at houses of worship. Residents can also participate in community service activities by donating their time or talents to support others.


RUKUN Senior Living

Kawasan Darmawan Park

Jl. Babakan Madang No. 99

Sentul – Bogor 16810

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Life at RUKUN

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