Lifestyle Comparison

Lifestyle Comparison

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There are certainly many questions that emerge with any lifestyle change decision. The following are a few differences that may exist between a current living condition and living at RUKUN Senior Living.
 Current LivingRUKUN Senior Living
Social LifeIsolated from fellowship, limitation in interacting and participating in activities with others.A community of residents and warm staff. Opportunities for social interaction and activities every day.
TransportationDependent on others to go places.Transportation services available, scheduled or can be reserved for personal needs.
DiningHaving meals alone, challenge maintaining a balanced diet.The freedom to dine with friends in the restaurant or take in room service, choosing from a wide menu of delicacies.


The challenge of managing a household and staff to maintain the home.

Includes housekeeping dan laundry by professional staff.
Emergency AssistanceWorry about whether adequate help will respond in an emergency situation.Emergency Call system in each unit and caregiving staff available 24-hours to assist.
ExerciseLimited access to exercise facilities, programs and companions.Opportunities to exercise everyday to increase mobility, strength, and fitness as a whole.
IndependenceHigh dependence on others if requiring assistance with daily life activities. Or, inconvenience of managing an in-home caregiver.

Informed support provided by caring and professional wellness staff under RUKUN’s management.


Cost Comparison

Regardless of where we live, there are definitely living costs that must be borne. The cost difference between a current living condition and living at RUKUN Senior Resort or Senior Care…



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