Why RUKUN Senior Living

Why RUKUN Senior Living

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A relevant solution for seniors

  • Seniors can choose to participate in daily activities at RUKUN Senior Club while still living in their own home or with family members. Or, they can also choose to live at RUKUN Senior Living.
  • The rate to live at RUKUN Senior Living resort and Senior Care is available daily, monthly, and even lifetime. This way residents can try risk free, and always have the option to stay as brief or as long a period as they like.
  • From the beginning RUKUN Senior Living was created as a combination between a hotel service and care provider. Consequently our service level and method honors every resident as guests that must be provided with premium service. Not as a helpless patient without choice.
  • Seniors experience a modern lifestyle with residential options, from private villas, resort apartments, and care facility. All within a community of active and productive seniors, and assistance when needed.
  • Seniors living alone in general housing face a certain level of risk. Although RUKUN cannot guarantee a life without problems, seniors and their families can reduce their risk by living at RUKUN Senior Living with the services and assistance that are readily available when needed.
  • To ensure that a resident can, and continue to, be served well, each resident undergoes a periodic Wellness Assessment to evaluate the resident’s overall wellness.
  • For some people, the relationship between children and their senior parents can blossom when not living together under one roof. RUKUN offers a range of comfortable and professional residential options to help families optimize family harmony.
  • RUKUN Senior Living is the first senior living in Indonesia that is formally recognized by third parties:


RUKUN Senior Living

Kawasan Darmawan Park

Jl. Babakan Madang No. 99

Sentul – Bogor 16810

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