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Cost Comparison

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Regardless of where we live, there are definitely living costs that must be borne. The cost difference between a current living condition and living at RUKUN Senior Resort or Senior Care can be listed in the following table.

 Current LifestyleRUKUN Senior Living
Rent or Mortgage  
Property Tax Included
internet/TV Cable
Household Staff Housekeeping & laundry included
Dining Included
Home and yard
maintenance costs
Activities and social life Included
Security Service Included
Emergency Call 24-hours Included
Transportation Scheduled route included
TOTAL per Month  

Life at RUKUN

RUKUN offers a range of facilities in one integrated Continuing Care Retirement Community. This allows residents and families to easily adjust the services they receive based on ongoing lifestyle changes.



RUKUN Senior Living

Kawasan Darmawan Park

Jl. Babakan Madang No. 99

Sentul – Bogor 16810

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Life at RUKUN

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